Membership Required
FBI Security is for Trade only.

The majority of FBI Security Online is only open to members, and membership requires a website contract. If you wish to join, fill out a membership application.

Benefits for having a website

Express Ordering - Orders are entered directly into the system by you 24 hours a day.

Minimize Costly Mistakes - You look over the e-catalog and place the order yourself. There is no chance for misunderstanding.

Order Tracking - Live UPS tracking of your orders.

Up-To-The-Minute Pricing - Just logon and search for up-to-the-minute pricing.

Tricks of the Trade - Member Dealers will have access to online training for a myriad of tasks setup by product and category.

Information - Member Dealers will have access to industry specific tips, tricks, FAQ's.

Trade Talk - Member Dealers will have access to a message board where they can post questions to their peers.

Increased Inventory - Your customers will have access to over 27,000 products. This maximizes the chance they'll find what they are looking for.

Up-To-The-Minute Pricing II - No more having to keep price books up-to-date.

Qualified Leads - All leads on the FBI Security website are routed to the closest, matching, member dealer.

Online Auctions - Member Dealers can turn unwanted inventory into cash, and bid on closeouts by manufacturers.

Maximize Staff Efficiency - By referring most inquiries to the website, you free up your staff from mundane questions. For example: what services you provide, what areas do you service, what products do you sell, etc.

Market Expansion - The World Wide Web is global. By having a website, you are opening up your store to the world.

Marketing - A website is less expensive then a decent yellow page ad, but much more flexible. Unlike a print ad, you can change your message on the website regularly.

Maximize Exposure - If you only have 5 minutes with a prospective client, a URL on your business card assures you that you left the client all the information they will need, as well as a way to access your product line.

Level Playing Field - A website can help the smaller store compete with the larger chain stores.



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