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No.401-205 Blue My Mind Series Door Pull

No.401-205 Blue My Mind

7-3/16" (205mm)
Blue My Mind
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Details: No.401-205 Blue My Mind Series Door Pull

Standard Finish

  • 1) Satin Stainless Steel

Custom Finish

  • 1) US10B / P13 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • 2) US19 / P22 Satin Black
  • 3) Blue my mind
  • 4) Big Apple Red
  • 5) Silver Ice
  • 6) Alpine Snow
  • 7) Textured antique brass
  • 8) Misty Brass

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
No.401-205 US19 / P22 7-3/16" (205mm), Satin Black
No.401-205 P41 7-3/16" (205mm), Alpine Snow
No.401-205 Big Red Apple 7-3/16" (205mm), Big Apple Red
No.401-205 US10B / P13 7-3/16" (205mm), Oil Rubbed Bronze
No.401-205 Blue My Mind 7-3/16" (205mm), Blue My Mind
No.401-205 Silver Ice 7-3/16" (205mm), Silver Ice
No.401-205 Texture Antique Brass 7-3/16" (205mm), Textured antique brass
No.401-205 US4 7-3/16" (205mm), Misty Brass
No.401-205630 7-3/16" (205mm), Satin Stainless Steel
No.401-305 US19 / P22 12-1/16" (305mm), Satin Black
No.401-305630 12-1/16" (305mm), Satin Stainless Steel
No.401-305 P41 12-1/16" (305mm), Alpine Snow
No.401-610630 24-3/16" (610mm), Satin Stainless Steel
No.401-305 Big Red Apple 12-1/16" (305mm), Big Apple Red
No.401-610 US19 / P22 24-3/16" (610mm), Satin Black

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