Best W Series Electric Switch Lock

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Details: Best W Series Electric Switch Lock


BEST offers a line of electric switch locks available in various "on-off" and "momentary" keyed switch functions. Circuitry variations are available in single, double and triple pole with varied voltage and amperage ratings. Units may be keyed into any BEST® system. The BEST interchangeable core offers versatility and adaptability for new and existing electrical controls, panels, machines, etc.


  • Double D lock cylinder prevents slipping and turning
  • Screw terminals on all switch locks (except the 1W7A1) provides ease of installation
  • All switches are UL recognized or listed

How to select a switch lock

Determine the electrical requirements for the device being controlled:

  • Voltage (for example: 115 VAC or 24 VDC)
  • Current or horsepower (for example: 6 amps or 1/2 horsepower)
  • Type of load • Resistive (for example, heater elements) • Inductive (for example, motors, large transformers) • Lamp (for example, incandescent lights)

Determine the switch configuration (poles and throws) and key removal condition:

  • Poles To determine the number of poles, find how many wires from the power source need to be switched on and off by the switch lock.
  • . Throws To determine the number of throws, find how many wires to the device the switch needs to control. For example, if a switch needs two different "on" conditions (low and high speed), two throws are needed. Or if the device is simply an "on-off" type (only one wire), you need one throw.
  • . Key removal To determine the key removal condition, ask the question, "When the key is removed, should the switch be "off", or could the switch be either "on" or "off" ?" Although the key can only be removed in the 12 o'clock position, the switch itself may be left in two or three positions. Check each switch lock for key removal switch positions.

Use the information collected and find the switch lock that best meets the requirements

  • Refer to the following catalog pages for a description of each switch lock. If environmental conditions make it necessary that the switch lock be housed in an electrical box, see the Optional boxes below for the box that best suits the switch lock and your application.


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
1W7E2 LC626 INT Toggle Switch - Service Station, Satin Chrome,
1W7J1 LC625 INT OC2 Dual Switch - J1, Bright Chrome,
1W7J2 LC606 INT SWR Dual Switch - J2, Satin Brass,
1W7 B3 LC625 OC1 Single Switch - Office3, Bright Chrome,
1W7 J3 LC612 OC1 OC2 Dual Switch - J3, Satin Bronze,
1W7 P4 LC612 INT OC1 OC2 Dual Switch -Patio, Satin Bronze,
1W7A1 LC625 INT SWR Low Voltage - Dormitory or Storeroom, Bright Chrome,
1W7B2 LC690 OC1 Single Switch - Office2, Dark Bronze,
1W7B2 LC605 INT Single Switch - Office2, Bright Brass,
1W7C2 LC611 INT OC1 Single Switch - Apartment, Bright Bronze,
1W7D2 LC606 INT OC2 SWR Toggle Switch - Storeroom, Satin Brass,
1W7E2 LC619 INT OC1 OC2 SWR Toggle Switch - Service Station, Satin Nickel,
1W7J1 LC625 INT OC2 SWR Dual Switch - J1, Bright Chrome,
1W7J2 LC625 INT OC2 SWR Dual Switch - J2, Bright Chrome,
1W7 K4 LC612 OC2 SWR Toggle Switch - K4, Satin Bronze,

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