Comfort First CFFD 77500-16 Products CFFD 77500 Diffuser MERV 12 & Steel Backpan

CFFD 77500-16

Backpan Size
16" neck
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Details: Comfort First CFFD 77500-16 Products CFFD 77500 Diffuser MERV 12 & Steel Backpan

The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser - Commercial Filtered Diffuser 4-Way Vent Diverter comes with MERV 12 filters and traps any pollutants or particles as small as .03 microns in size. With the high ability to filter, this air diffuser is at a 40.6% efficiency level at 150 fpm. This easy-to-install air diffuser works with any 24" × 24" drop ceiling with a T-bar grid system or Fineline system. A more efficient MERV 14 filter is also available. Whilst the CFFD was designed as a 2' × 2' air diffuser for drop ceilings it can also easily be mounted on hard ceilings thanks to our surface mount back pan. Are you tired of having spots in your office that are either too hot or too cold? Do you want some degree of control over the airflow in your building? Fix these problems and improve indoor air quality with an air diverter - Filtered Supply Diffuser or Filtered Air Vent


  • Filters the air entering the room - MERV 12 or MERV 14.
  • Capture germs and viruses such as Covid 19.
  • The four-way adjustable louvers direct airflow allowing you to eliminate drafts.
  • Minimizes the hot and cold spots throughout a building, making your employees more comfortable.
  • Our diffuser hangs 1.75 inches from the ceiling, making it discreet enough to use in the office, restaurant, hotel, or retail setting.
  • Due to the increase in Steel prices, shipping and tariffs we have had to increase our price.


12 lbs
25 × 24 × 4 in
Select Filter MERV
MERV 12, MERV 14
Select Backpan size
None, Universal Backpan, 6 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 14 Inch, 16 Inch, Surface Mount


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
CFFD 77500-6 6" neck
CFFD 77500-8 8" neck
CFFD 77500-10 10" neck
CFFD 77500-12 12" neck
CFFD 77500-14 14" neck
CFFD 77500-16 16" neck