Reduced price! Dortronics 5287 Series Heavy Duty Double Gang Push Button Switches


Dortronics 5287 Series Heavy Duty Double Gang Push Button Switch



Details: Dortronics 5287 Series Heavy Duty Double Gang Push Button Switch

Designed for use in abusive applications:

such as accessing casino cash rooms, hospital emergency rooms and all types of warehouses. The 5287 heavy duty push button is particularly suited for installation in environments where it may be impacted by rolling carts or loaded warehouse wagons. Engineered to absorb direct force impact and deflect side blows, the pushbutton's attractive rounded form factor also prevents snags on passing pedestrian traffic. The standard 5287 exit release switch features an easily operated 1-1/2" diameter solid aluminum push button housed in a protective beveled aluminum guard ring. All aluminum components are clear Anodized for protection and durability.

Two choices of back plates:

The "W" series is a standard single gang 1/8" thick aluminum back plate. The "D" series is mounted on a 2 gang plate. Both the "W & D" series feature beveled edges on all exposed surfaces. All units are furnished with standard slotted head screws, as well as Pin in Hex tamper resistant screws. (hex key included) Both screw sets are stainless steel for corrosion protection.

Variety of Contact Forms:

Dortronics' W5287 Pushbuttons can be configured for a variety of installation options including momentary or maintained action double pole double throw (DPDT) contacts. As well, it is available with a Pneumatic or Electronic adjustable time delay to meet NFPA and BOCA code requirments. All contacts are UL Recognized components.

Access Control Applications:

When used in conjunction with access control software/hardware, the Pneumatic time delay is the perfect choice of contacts. DC power to the maglock is routed through the set of normally closed contacts to assure unlocking of the maglock when the W5287 Pushbutton is activated. Simultaneously, a separate set of normally open contacts signal the access control system of a request to exit (R-E-X). The lock power and R-E-X signal are kept separate through the double set of contacts.