Dyson AB12 Airblade V Touch-Free Hand Dryer (120V)


Details: Dyson AB12 Airblade V Touch-Free Hand Dryer (120V)

Product Specifications

Input voltage/Frequency
110V-120V 60 Hz
Rated power
1400 W
Motor type
Dyson digital motor - V4 brushless DC Motor
Motor switching rate
6,100 per second
Motor speed
92,000 rpm
Operating temperature range
0°- 40°C
Heater type
Standby power consumption
Less than 0.5 W


Casing construction
Polycarbonate casing
Antimicrobial coating type
AB12 (Sprayed nickel) Antimicrobial additive in paint. AB12 (White) Antimicrobial molded additive
Bacterial reduction rate
Up to 99.9% from external surfaces over 24 hours
Color finish
AB12 Sprayed nickel molded plastic, AB12 White molded plastic
Back plate/mounting bracket
ABS/PBT Plastic
Exterior screw type
Anti-tamper M4 Pin-Hex
Water ingress protection to IP24


  • HEPA filter (Glass fiber and fleece prelayer)
  • Bacteria removal 99.97% at 0.3 microns


  • Proximity capacitive sensor. Touch free operation.
  • Hand dry time measurement: 12 seconds (Measurement based on National Sanitation Foundation Protocol P335)
  • Operation lock-out period: 30 seconds
  • Airspeed at apertures: 420 mph
  • Operating airflow: Up to 7.39 gal/sec
  • Rated operating noise power: 85 db(A)


Serial number prefix
AB12 (Sprayed nickel) AR7; AB12 (White) AR6
Single unit order code
AB12 (Sprayed nickel) 25887-01; AB12 (White) 25878-01
Net weight
AB12 6.17 lb
Packaged weight
AB12 8.81 lb
Packaged dimensions
H5.71" × W17.91" × D10.79"
Unit barcode
AB12 (Sprayed nickel) 8799 5700 908 0; AB12 (White) 8799 5700 907 3

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
AB12N Sprayed Nickel
AB12W White