Reduced price! Ives 349 Ball Catch


Ives 349 Ball Catch




Details: Ives 349 Ball Catch

Product Details

  • For catch in door installations
  • Radiused corners allow easy installation with router
  • Dual adjustment for door clearance and holding strength
  • Lip strike is designed for use where strike is mounted in jamb
  • Free rolling ball insures smooth, positive and trouble-free action
  • Adjustable threaded barrel compensates for various door clearances
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Made from wrought brass

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
349B3B5 Bright Brass,
349B3B643E/716 Bright Brass,
349B4B5 Satin Brass,
349B4B643E/716 Satin Brass,
349B10B5 Satin Bronze,
349B10B643E/716 Satin Bronze,
349B10BB5 Oxidized Satin Bronze,
349B10BB643E/716 Oxidized Satin Bronze,
349B15B5 Satin Nickel,
349B15B643E/716 Satin Nickel,
349B26B5 Bright Chrome,
349B26B643E/716 Bright Chrome,
349B26DB5 Satin Chrome,
349B26DB643E/716 Satin Chrome,
349BBLKB5 Flat Black,

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