KEYLESS 360 Mechanical Combination Locker And Cabinet Lock With Key Over-ride



Details: KEYLESS 360 Mechanical Combination Locker And Cabinet Lock With Key Over-ride



With Keyless360 the user only has to remember the self-selected 1 letter 1 number combination. The need to memorize or manage long combinations is completely eliminated. The number of lock outs is drastically reduced and there are no combinations to manage or assign. Installation is remarkably easy, Keyless360 simply plugs in to any locker routing in about 60 seconds.


There are no batteries to replace, no ongoing maintenance, and no operating expenses. Keyless360 is backed by the strongest 5-year replacement warranty.


Keyless360 boasts solid metal construction and is packed with high security anti-pick features. There are no weak plastic components or wires. Manager reset access is conveniently located in the front of the lock and can be reprogrammed to alternate master keys in case master key is compromised. For maximum security, the knob has a self correcting feature to prevent forced entry.

ADA Compliance Option

Keyless360 offers an adapted version that meets ADA compliance requirements by changing the center knob out for an elongated lever that can be operated without grasping.


Keyless360 is suitable for wood lockers, plastic lockers, metal lockers, glass lockers, drawers and cabinets. Keyless360 can accommodate left and right hinged doors with thickness of 1-21mm.


  • Meets the 2010 and 2012 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.
  • Allows flexibility to use locker as ADA or standard.
  • Sustainable — no batteries, no wires, no waste, no operating expenses.
  • LEED V4 — Keyless locks contribute toward two major new credits.
  • Reprogrammable to alternate master keys. Simply insert new manager key to rekey - patented solution.
  • Easy keyless operation. Locks with any user selected
  • 2-digit alphanumeric code. No need for code logs.
  • 5-year comprehensive warranty.
  • Assigned or shared use.
  • For use in wet or dry areas.
  • Resets from front. Manager access key doesn't alter user code.
  • Solid metal design for long-term heavy use/no plastic component.
  • Self-correcting knob for maximum security.
  • Accommodates doors 1-21mm/0.04" — 0.82" thick.
  • Deadbolt offset 31mm/ 1.22".
  • Compatible with wood, phenolic, glass and metal lockers.


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
360-SN Knob, 2, Not Included, Satin Nickel
360-MB Knob, 2, Not Included, Matte Black
360-MW Knob, 2, Not Included, Matte White
360-ADASN ADA Lever, 2, Not Included, Satin Nickel
360-ADAMB ADA Lever, 2, Not Included, Matte Black
360-ADAMW ADA Lever, 2, Not Included, Matte White