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Krown Manufacturing KNS360 LookOutā„¢ All-in-One Notification System

Krown Manufacturing KNS360 LookOut™ All-in-One Notification System



Details: Krown Manufacturing KNS360 LookOut™ All-in-One Notification System

Introducing the Krown All-in-One LookOut™ Alerting Solution.

The All-in-One LookOut™ combines visual alerts and icons, audio tone and melodies, as well as a bed shaker to conveniently notify you of incoming phone/TDD rings, doorbell and alarm clock alerts. Perfect for the hard-of-hearing and those who are heavy sleepers. Use all of the alert functions or customize to your preference. Easy to set up for wireless notifications.

Krown's All-In-One Alerting Solution alerts to an incoming telephone call, doorbell and doubles as an alarm clock. The LookOut™ alerts you in 5 different ways:

  • Built-in LED lights
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Strong bed-shaker
  • Flashing words across the large display
  • Picture icons that light up when activated

All these functions are integrated into a sleek, well-designed wireless system. The LookOut™ also includes a USB port to charging smart devices.

The Krown All-In-One Alerting Solution was designed specifically to meet all ADA requirements in your guest room, dormitory, multifamily housing and more. This is the permanent or portable solution for your everyday notification needs.

Additional Information:

The Wireless LookOut™ Phone/VP transmitter lets you know when you have an incoming landline phone or videophone call. When paired with the All-in-One LookOut™ receiver, you will be alerted by bright LED flashing lights, picture icons, loud audible alarm and a powerful bed shaker that you have an incoming call.

Simply connect the phone and wireless transmitter then insert the splitter into the line jack.

The LookOut™ Phone/VP transmitter has range of up to 1000 feet from the All-in-One LookOut™ receiver.

The Wireless LookOut™ Doorbell transmitter is easy-to-install, with no wiring required.

Simply press the doorbell button, and the wireless transmitter will send a radio signal to your All-in-One LookOut™ receiver.

The LookOut™ Doorbell transmitter has range of up to 1000 feet from the All-in-One LookOut™ receiver. Includes mounting kit: screws, mounting bracket and adhesive strip.

The LookOut™ bed shaker will wake up even the heaviest sleepers. Simply connect to the All-in-One LookOut™ receiver and place the bed shaker under a pillow.