Legacy Manufacturing 5924L-EXT L-Shaped Extension (2" by 7/8")


Details: Legacy Manufacturing 5924L-EXT L-Shaped Extension (2" by 7/8")

Used in conjunction with automatic door bottoms, architectural door seals act as the most important component in effectively sealing a door. Door Gaskets are used to seal the perimeter/head and jambs of doors. They can either be fixed or adjustable and are used primarily in commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings.

Competitor Equivalent



Mill Aluminum
Matte Black Powder Coat
White Powder Coat


  • No break in the seal for closer mounting
  • Allows mounting of rim exit device strikes without notching.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
5924L-EXT-MA-12 12", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-24 24", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-36 36", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-42 42", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-48 48", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-60 Mill Aluminum, 60"
5924L-EXT-MA-72 72", Mill Aluminum
5924L-EXT-MA-84 Mill Aluminum, 84"
5924L-EXT-MA-96 Mill Aluminum, 96"
5924L-EXT-MA-108 Mill Aluminum, 108"
5924L-EXT-MA-120 Mill Aluminum, 120"
5924L-EXT-MA-132 Mill Aluminum, 132"
5924L-EXT-MA-144 Mill Aluminum, 144"
5924L-EXT-MB-12 12", Matte Black Powder Coat
5924L-EXT-MB-24 24", Matte Black Powder Coat

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