Legacy Manufacturing 734 Security Astragal (2-1/4" by 7/16")


Details: Legacy Manufacturing 734 Security Astragal (2-1/4" by 7/16")

Meeting Stiles are used to seal the clearance gap between a pair of doors. The astragal is installed vertically on either side of a pair of doors. Astragals can be made of extruded rubber or nylon. Astragals can be used on all types of interior and exterior doors. Meeting Stiles are commonly used on conference room doors and glass doors.

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Materials / Specifications

  • 1/4 - 20 × 1/2 Sex Bolt.


Steel Prime

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
734SP-12 12", Steel Prime
734SP-24 24", Steel Prime
734SP-36 36", Steel Prime
734SP-42 42", Steel Prime
734SP-48 48", Steel Prime
734SP-60 60", Steel Prime
734SP-72 72", Steel Prime
734SP-84 84", Steel Prime
734SP-96 96", Steel Prime
734SP-108 108", Steel Prime
734SP-120 120", Steel Prime
734SP-132 132", Steel Prime
734SP-144 144", Steel Prime
734SS-12 12", Stainless Steel
734SS-24 24", Stainless Steel

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