LightCorp VLED Voyage Double Arm LED Desk Light



Details: LightCorp VLED Voyage Double Arm LED Desk Light

Voyage is your high performance, yet subtle workspace companion. Its linear arms and joints flow gently into a broadened head shade that shields bright LEDs from view. An integrated USB port in the base conveniently charges mobile devices. Voyage unites functional ergonomics with timeless aesthetics with its full articulation, extended reach, and dimmable touch technology. All secured in a small, 6" desktop footprint. Also available in premium colors.


Energy Consumption
7 System Watts
LED Lifespan
50,000 hours
Mounting Options
Freestanding, freestanding with USB, surface, clamp, slat wall and panel
Light Output
294 lumens
Standard Colors
Black, silver, white (premium colors also available)
Color Temperature
Aluminum and plastic
Color Rendering Index
4' silver cord with quick connector
Brightness Adjustability
100% - 15% continuous
USB Dedicated Charge Port
Type-A Connector 5V, 1.5A

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
VLED.D.CLAY.FS.USB Clay, Freestanding Base with USB, Not Included
VLED.D.DIJON.SW.OSV Dijon, Slat Wall Mount, Included
VLED.D.RAISIN.FS Raisin, Freestanding Base, Not Included
VLED.D.SPRUCE.CM.OSV Spruce, Clamp Mount, Included
VLED.D.OCEAN.PM Ocean, Panel Mount, Not Included
VLED.D.JUNIPER.CM Juniper, Clamp Mount, Not Included
VLED.D.OCEAN.PM.OSV Ocean, Panel Mount, Included
VLED.D.SILVER.SM.OSV Silver, Surface Mount, Included
VLED.D.DIJON.PM Dijon, Panel Mount, Not Included
VLED.D.CLAY.FS.USB.OSV Clay, Freestanding Base with USB, Included
VLED.D.SPRUCE.SM Spruce, Surface Mount, Not Included
VLED.D.JUNIPER.CM.OSV Juniper, Clamp Mount, Included
VLED.D.RAISIN.FS.OSV Raisin, Freestanding Base, Included
VLED.D.SILVER.SW Silver, Slat Wall Mount, Not Included
VLED.D.DIJON.PM.OSV Dijon, Panel Mount, Included

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