One day, shortly after the tragedy in Parkland, Amy Emma, an Elementary School Principal decided that there needed to be a better way to barricade her doors in a lockdown emergency.  She and her husband Sal, brought together a team of talented engineers, law enforcement professionals, fire prevention experts, and building code gurus, all with the goal of creating a budget-friendly, fast, and effective door lock. The result is TeacherLock!  The patent-pending product is fast, simple, safe, and effective. The TeacherLock and SaberLock brands of lockdown devices have quickly become the “Gold Standard” in the industry. Since then, many schools and districts across the country have made the right choice in avoiding barricade systems that are slow and violate building code and life safety regulations. TeacherLock is a family-owned business and we have the capability to serve the largest districts in the country. Our mission is simple, we want to save lives by affording the precious time needed for law enforcement to arrive.

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