Medeco 105700P6CT-Z00 Standard Mortise Cylinder


Satin Brass
Corbin Russwin
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Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
100500P9CT-Z45 1-1/4", Antique Brass, Mogul Lock
105100P11 1-3/8", Bright Bronze, Not Included
105100P19 1-3/8", Satin Nickel, Not Included
105300P9CT-Z55 1-5/8", Antique Brass, Corbin Russwin Jumbo
105300P24CT-Z59 1-5/8", Dark Bronze, Corbin Russwin Master Ring clover leaf for deadbolt function locks made since 6/93
105400P9CT-Z18 1-3/4", Antique Brass, For Night Deposit Lock
105400P13CT-Z87 1-3/4", Oil Rubbed Bronze, VingCard Persona
105500P9CT-Z00 2", Antique Brass, Corbin Russwin
105500P13CT-Z47 2", Oil Rubbed Bronze, Yale Mortise After 1982
105500P24CT-Z01 2", Dark Bronze, Standard Yale
105600P6CT-Z48 2-1/4", Satin Brass, Dominion
105600P13CT-Z05 2-1/4", Oil Rubbed Bronze, Schlage
105600P22CT-Z20 2-1/4", Black, Sargent
105700P6CT-Z00 2-1/2", Satin Brass, Corbin Russwin
105700P12CT-Z45 2-1/2", Satin Bronze, Mogul Lock

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