MS Sedco Radio Control ClearPath Kits Vestibule Package



Details: MS Sedco Radio Control ClearPath Kits Vestibule Package

The ClearPath™ Radio Control Door Activation System provides the most reliable wireless activation of automatic doors available. To accomplish this, the ClearPath™ product line features several advances, the most important of which is three selectable frequencies built into each product: HDRC™, 300 MHz and 390 MHz


  • Clearpath™ radio control switches with hdrc™ solve problems caused by interference and stray signals—and are guaranteed to work where others won't
  • Clearpath™ products are fcc licensed and compatible with previous ms sedco devices as well as with the products of many other manufacturers
  • Cp/stx & cp/stx-j are sequencing transmitters (they are capable of transmitting two separate signals with an adjustable time delay between them to sequence vestibule doors one after the other from either direction)
  • Cp/tx-v is a dual transmitter (it mounts in the vestibule between the doors and can be used for independent activation of two separate doors)
  • Three selectable frequencies in one device (hdrc™, 300 mhz & 390 mhz)
  • Signallock™ (guarantees that a radio signal is transmitted every time the switch is activated)
  • Signal enhancing antenna (boosts the radiating strength of the transmitter signal to ensure long distance door activation)
  • Extended battery life (power saving circuitry design lowers battery drain 50% doubling battery life)


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