Ojmar 2010.A OCS Touch Electronic Lock, Non-Handed



Details: Ojmar 2010.A OCS Touch Electronic Lock, Non-Handed

Combination lock for lockers.

Technology and design come together in this easy to use, key-free lock, where users simply have to choose a 4 to 6 digits code to operate the lock.

Available in models for assigned use, rented lockers with rotation or free selection and coin operating option to prevent improper locker reservation, the OCS Touch Lock is the ideal solution in facilities that require an operative, key-free autonomous system, problem free in wet areas

  • Touch technology, no membrane keypad
  • Available as temporary or rental lock
  • Available in black or white finish
  • 2 different footprints available
  • Dry or wet area use versions available
  • Selectable user code length: 4, 5 or 6 digits
  • LED in 3 colors for lock status (green, red, amber)
  • Flashing led in order to show locked status
  • Automatic opening (vía software)
  • Time-delay opening; i.e 3 hours after locking the lock (vía Software)
  • Low battery warning and detection.
  • Emergency opening
  • Contactless Progamming key with USB port for PC connection
  • Contactless communication interface between Master key and lock