Omnia 4341-30 Glass Knob 1-3/16" Glass Cabinet Hardware




Details: Omnia 4341-30 Glass Knob 1-3/16" Glass Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Knob - Glass

Omnia 4341-30 Glass Knob 1-3/16" Glass Cabinet Hardware combines modern innovative technology with beautiful vintage designs. Made of solid brass in a range of finishes and Italian glass and crystal, you're sure to meet all of your design desires. They're easy to match with Omina's door hardware selection so you can easily make your bathroom, bedroom, or office both cohesive and stunning.





Crafted in Transparent (T) or Satin (S) glass, and colored transparent or colored satin glass.Available Colors are Rose(RS), Azure (AZ), or Jade (JA).

Available Finishes

Bases in Polished Brass (Lacquered) or Polished Chrome Plated

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
4341/30.26TUS3 Transparent, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26TUS26 Transparent, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26SUS3 Satin, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26SUS26 Satin, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26T-RSUS3 Transparent Rose, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26T-RSUS26 Transparent Rose, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26T-AZUS3 Transparent Azure, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26T-AZUS26 Transparent Azure, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26T-JAUS3 Transparent Jade, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26T-JAUS26 Transparent Jade, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26S-RSUS3 Satin Rose, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26S-RSUS26 Satin Rose, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26S-AZUS3 Satin Azure, 1-3/16", Polished Brass
4341/30.26S-AZUS26 Satin Azure, 1-3/16", Polished Chrome
4341/30.26S-JAUS3 Satin Jade, 1-3/16", Polished Brass

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