Pemko 278D-48 Half Saddle Threshold


Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
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Details: Pemko 278D-48 Half Saddle Threshold

Thermal Barrier thresholds are manufactured with a rigid polypropylene key separating two pieces of aluminum. The polypropylene key provides a break in the threshold that reduces the transfer of hot and cold temperatures from one side to the other.

  • Thermal Barrier thresholds are supplied predrilled, with #10-24 Phillips, flat head machine screws of appropriate length.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
278A-24 24", Satin Nickel
278A-36 36", Satin Nickel
278A-48 48", Satin Nickel
278A-72 72", Satin Nickel
278D-24 24", Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
278D-36 36", Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
278D-48 48", Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
278D-72 72", Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
278WSP-12 12", White Suede Powder Coat
278WSP-24 24", White Suede Powder Coat
278WSP-36 36", White Suede Powder Coat
278WSP-48 48", White Suede Powder Coat
278WSP-72 72", White Suede Powder Coat
278A-12 12", Satin Nickel
278D-12 12", Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

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