Reduced price! Precision DS Door Position Switch Kit

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Precision DS Door Position Switch Kit


Details: Precision DS Door Position Switch Kit

Door Position Monitoring Switch

A Magnetic Reed type switch used to monitor the position of a door from a remote location. It is mounted in the Touchbar Endcap and Door Frame.

Electrical Ratings 1.5 Amps at 24VDC SPDT

To Order

  • Wide Stile: specify DS880 and finish.
  • Narrow Stile: specify NDS986 and finish.

Note: The recommended gap between the magnet and the door position switch when installed is 1/16" - 1/8". Please consider the distance between the exit device end cap and the frame. Depending on your application, the strike, and the template used, the switch and magnet can be adjusted and may extend from the device and/ or frame. Please consult the factory for installation consideration.