Precision RPSMLR Series Power Supply



Details: Precision RPSMLR Series Power Supply

The PRECISION RPSMLR2 Series is the recommended power source for PRECISION Motorized Latch Retraction (MLR) exit devices. The RPSMLR2 Series provides a code compliant source of filtered and regulated 24 Volt DC power. The RPSMLR2 Series is available in two enclosure sizes and they can each power up to (2) MLR exit devices.


  • UL 294
  • ULC S-319

Input Power

  • 120 VAC


  • Fire alarm termination

Output Power

  • 2 filtered & regulated 24 Volts DC outputs @ 2 Amps
  • Holding current 200mA
  • 1 filtered & regulated 24 Volts DC auxiliary output @ 0.8 Amps


  • 2 normal open relay outputs
  • Outputs can be wired for 2 different modes:
  • - 1 second delay prior to relay output
  • - Positive confirmation of latch retraction prior to signaling the operator when used in conjunction with MLR exit device sensor wires

Battery Backup (RPSMLR2BB only)

  • Built in charger for sealed lead acid or gel batteries
  • Automatically switches to stand-by if AC fails
  • Charging current 650mA max
  • Batteries are not included

Visual Indicators

  • AC power, green LED — Indicates presence of AC power
  • Triggered input, 2 red LEDs — Indicates input activation
  • Fire alarm interface, green LED — Indicates fire alarm activation
  • Battery status, red LED — Indicates low battery during AC power failure

Enclosure Dimensions

  • RPSMLR2: 12.5"x7.5"x3.25"
  • RPSMLR2BB: 13.5"x13"x3.25"


  • Keyed enclosure