Access Control Hardware & Systems

Access Control Systems are crucial to maintaining safety and security by monitoring identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of personnel through login credentials that include passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys and cards.

There are three different basic types of Access Control Systems, Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Role-Based Access Control Technology (RBAC).

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary systems restrict access to objects based on the identity of subjects and/or groups to which they belong. It holds the owner responsible for who can gain entrance. A common DAC is an Access Control Lists (ACLs), an ACL is a list of Access Control Entries, each ACE appoints one trustee and specifies the access rights allowed, denied, or audited for each trustee. With DAC the subjects control who can access their items and areas. ZK Access’s fingerprint readers are ideal for DAC systems. They also create control panels that allow you to monitor a number of locks and readers right from your computer.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

The opposite of DAC system is a Mandatory Access Control. A MAC system doesn't allow owners to have a say in who or what has access to a facility. They are commonly used in military based facilities due to their focus on confidentiality and classification of data. With MAC systems an individual user cannot alter access, a system-wide policy decides who can come and go.

Role-Based Access Control Technology (RBAC)

The most common system is Role-Bases Access Control or as it's also known, Non-Discretionary Access Control. It is most popularly used in households but can also be found in a large range of commercial institutions. RBAC works by providing access based on a person's role within the organization. With RBAC systems each individual has their own code, key, or card that allows them specific access. They are popular in apartment buildings and offices due to their easily programmable software that allow you to add or drop users in a matter of minutes.

Access Control Recommendations

Kaba Simplex makes a variety of RBAC systems that can store 500 or more individual codes so you’re able to give access to as many people as you need in your facility. You’re able to track the latest 30,000 audit events so you can always monitor who is coming and going, and when. They are effortlessly programmable after installation making removing and adding new users a breeze.

Alarm Lock also manufactures heavy duty durable stainless steel Role-Based Systems ideal for commercial and outdoor applications. Alarm Lock’s systems are Grade 1 rated making them some of the most secure products on the market.

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