Schlage A25D Exit Door Knob Grade 2



Details: Schlage A25D Exit Door Knob Grade 2

The Schlage A25D Exit Lock is designed for exit-only applications. There is a knob on the inside that cannot be locked, and a blank plate on the outside. The door cannot be opened from the outside, and cannot be prevented from opening from the inside. Please specify your door thickness when ordering this model.


Fully reversible.
Door Thickness
1⅜" to 1⅞" (35 mm to 48 mm) standard.
2¾"(70 mm) standard. 2⅜" (60 mm)
Steel. 1⅛" × 2¼" square corner, beveled, for 2¾" backset standard. Optional 1" square corner, 1" radius corner, and non-UL drive-in/round face.
Lock Chassis
Steel, zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance.
Latch Bolt
Brass, chrome plated,½" throw, deadlocking on keyed and exterior functions.
Exposed Trim
Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel. Levers are pressure cast zinc, plated to match finish symbols.
ASA strike 1¼" × 4⅞", square corner
three-year limited.
ANSI Certification
Meets or exceeds A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 2 strength and operational requirements.
Manufacturer Part Numbers:

A25DORB626 A25DORB605 A25DORB609 A25DORB619 A25DORB625 A25DORB643E A25DORB606 A25DORB625 A25DORB613 A25DORB630

A25DPLY626 A25DPLY605 A25DPLY609 A25DPLY619 A25DPLY625 A25DPLY643E A25DPLY606 A25DPLY625 A25DPLY613 A25DPLY630 A25DPLY629

A25DGEO626 A25DGEO605 A25DGEO609 A25DGEO625 A25DGEO606 A25DGEO625 A25DGEO613 A25DGEO630

A25DTUL626 A25DTUL605 A25DTUL609 A25DTUL606 A25DTUL625 A25DTUL613

Schlage, a division of Allegion security products, has been the industry standard of high quality door hardware for almost a century. Their time-tested, perfected machinery and superior quality metals make this brand a great choice for security and style. The Schlage A25D Exit Door Knob Grade 2 is precision-engineered, featuring 100% solid forged brass and rugged all-metal chassis for security. A Schlage deadbolt makes a great choice for commercial or residential applications.

The Schlage A25D Exit Door Knob Grade 2 is highly resistant to all abuse and use. With a variety of styles and functions to choose from these knobs are perfect for all situations.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
A25D ORB 626 Satin Chrome, Orbit Knob
A25D GEO 605 Bright Brass, Georgian
A25D GEO 625 Bright Chrome, Georgian
A25D GEO 626 Satin Chrome, Georgian
A25D GEO 613 Georgian, Oxidized Satin Bronze
A25D GEO 609 Georgian, Antique Brass
A25D GEO 606 Satin Brass, Georgian
A25D GEO 643e Aged Bronze, Georgian
A25D ORB 605 Bright Brass, Orbit Knob
A25D ORB 630 Orbit Knob, Satin Stainless Steel
A25D ORB 625 Bright Chrome, Orbit Knob
A25D ORB 629 Bright Stainless Steel, Orbit Knob
A25D ORB 613 Orbit Knob, Oxidized Satin Bronze
A25D ORB 609 Orbit Knob, Antique Brass
A25D ORB 606 Satin Brass, Orbit Knob

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