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Securitron MSS Maximum Security Switches

Securitron MSS Maximum Security Switches


Details: Securitron MSS Maximum Security Switches

Maximum Security Switches

Maximum Security Switches For Door Position Detection

Tamper-resistant Maximum Security Switches (MSS) provide versatile door monitoring with armored cable options to detect the status of windows, doors, gates and more in higher security settings. With multiple options for dierent environments, MSS can be used with access control or alarm systems to provide peace of mind where status detection is a critical concern.

Product Features:
  • Interfaces to access control and alarm systems for remote indication of open/closed status
  • Unique "mated" magnetic contact for preventing defeat attempts by foreign magnets
  • Can be used to provide initiate signal to XDT delayed egress timer
  • Hidden anti-tamper output (MSS-1 and MSS-1G)
  • Layered protection for tamper detection and reporting
  • SPDT Contact
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty
Product OPTIONS:
  • MSS-1 includes jacketed cable for hollow metal applications
  • MSS-1G includes a 3-foot [936mm] stainless steel cable
  • -RT added to any product enables remote testing to conrm function
  • UL 634 Listed
  • ULC/ORD-C634 Listed
  • Patent number: 5,668,533


Contact ¾"H × 4¼"L ×¾"D

Switch 1½"H × 4¼"L ×¾"D


Main Output: SPDT at max of 125mA at24VDC; 250mA at 12VDC

Tamper Output: Closed when secure; open to alarm - 1 Amp max current

Operating Temperature:

-40 to +150F [-40 to +65C]

Shipping Weight:

1.5lbs [0.68 kg]