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Securitron PSM Power Supply Monitor
Reduced price! Securitron PSM Power Supply Monitor


Securitron PSM Power Supply Monitor


Details: Securitron PSM Power Supply Monitor

Securitron Psm Power Supply Monitor

Add-On Monitoring For Bps

The PSM Series works with most BPS power supplies when real-time power and battery status information is critical. Compatible with all BPS supplies of 2 Amps or more, the PSM acts as a power supply alarm system, monitoring all key functions and reporting any trouble. This unit constantly monitors its output voltage to ensure it remains within tight limits for proper float charging of the battery pack.

Product Features:

  • Monitors and reports the status of the power supply system's output voltage
  • Load tests and reports on the battery pack every 8 hours
  • Audio and visual alarm
  • Monitors/tests DC output of power supply load
  • Available for both 12V and 24VDC systems
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty

Power Supply Compatibility:

3 Amp or greater at 12VDC
BPS-12-3/ BPS-12-45/ BPS-12-6/ BPS-12-9/ BPS-12-15
2 Amp or greater at 24VDC
BPS-24-2/ BPS-24-3/ BPS-24-4/ BPS-24-6 / BPS-24-10


VDC power from corresponding power supply
Current Draw
250mA at 12VDC / 200mA at 24VDC


Operating Temperature
+32 to +105F [0 to +40C]
Shipping Weight
5lbs [2.27kg]