TYSON High Security HLDH-SC Double-Hinge Model HaspLock



Details: TYSON High Security HLDH-SC Double-Hinge Model HaspLock

The HaspLock is ideal for use in the following areas

  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Defence Facilities
  • Transport - Road & Rail
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Water Suppliers

Applications Include

  • Store fronts - swinging or sliding
  • Roller doors
  • Toolboxes
  • Van and truck doors
  • Energy Suppliers (Electricity, Gas & Oil)
  • Parks & Wildlife
  • Local & Federal Government Agencies
  • Asset and General Security
  • Garage doors
  • Meter boxes
  • Vending Machines
  • Gates

The features of the HaspLock are

  • Hardened steel lock bodies, screw covers and front cylinder covers.
  • Higher security 'deadlocking' as opposed to a lower security 'snap-locking design'.
  • Auxiliary Hasp Clip that secures the hasp in the unlocked position.
  • All of the HaspLock models are fitted with a standard 6-pin Schlage C 'Key-in-Knob' style cylinder that can be easily upgraded with most high security cylinders such as Abloy, Kaba, Medeco, CyberKey, Mul-T-Lock, EVVA and BiLock.
  • Easy to install with through-mounted fixings for increased security.
  • Optional surface mounting for either the hinge side or staple side or both if required.
  • Key access from the side for additional security or easier access, particularly for gate installations.
  • Optional lock cylinder dust cover — can be added prior to installation or at a later date.
  • Non-handed so is ideal for left or right hand mounting.
  • High resistance to bolt cutters, jemmy bars, hammers, drills and hacksaws.
  • High breaking force of 4,400lb (2,000kg).
  • Black E-Coated and powder coated surface finish for high corrosion resistance.

The Regular Model is ideal for through or surface mounting. The Gate-Plate Model requires the steel mounting plates to be welded to a steel frame or gate. The Single-Hinge or Double-Hinge Models are ideal for right angle or round-the-corner fixing.