Vibra-Tite 54225 Retaining Compound High Strength - Large Gap 250 mL



Details: Vibra-Tite 54225 Retaining Compound High Strength - Large Gap 250 mL

54225 Product Features
  • Increases the shear strength on non-threaded cylindrical metal assemblies
  • Fills voids between close-fitting metal assemblies
  • Creates a solid one-piece assembly
  • Seals joints against leakage
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Uv/Blacklight Indicator
  • Vibra-TITE 542 High Strength Retaining Compound
    • High viscosity retaining compound that allows parts to be adjusted during assembly
    • Provides a shear strength greater than 4,000psi
    • Typical uses include slip fit components, rotors, shafts, impellers, and splines


  • Reduce machining costs
  • Press/Shrink fits can be replaced with slip fits
  • No expensive finishes required
  • Increase mechanical strength of the assembly
  • 100% surface contact
  • Retains and seals, eliminates, corrosion and seizure
  • Restore fit to worn or out-of-tolerance assemblies
  • Eliminate part replacement
  • Part distortion is eliminated

Typical Applications:

  • Mount bearings in housings or shafts
  • Mount motors, gears, sprockets, and pulleys on shafts
  • Retain cylindrical linings
  • Replace keys and set screws
  • Augment slip fits
  • Lock keyways
  • Secure splines, bushings, bearings, oil seals, water pumps core plugs and more
Vibra-Tite Part# Available Sizes Loctite Part# Product Description Color Approx. Viscosity (cP) Max Gap (Fill, in.) Shear Strength (PSI) Temp Range °F Fixture Time (min.) Specific Gravity Suggested Primer Specs Met
54210 10 mL Bottle High viscosity permits larger machine tolerances. For: rotors, shafts, impellers and splines. Green 2000 0.015 4000+ -65 to 300 20-40 1.05 T MIL-R-46082
ASTM D-5363,
54250 50 mL Bottle 63531
54225 250 mL Bottle 663541
54200 1L Jug