Reduced price! Von Duprin 98/99 Series Trim 996 M Collection Lever Design

Von Duprin

Von Duprin 996L Trim M Collection Lever Design for 98/99 Series Exit Device




Details: Von Duprin 996L Trim M Collection Lever Design for 98/99 Series Exit Device


  • Escutcheon Plate Size 2³/₄" × 10³/₄" × ²⁷/₃₂"
  • Pull Center to Center -
  • Projection 2⁷/₈" (73mm)

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
996L-R-US26D-M57LHR Rim Exit, Satin Chrome, M57, Left Hand Reverse
996L-R-643E-M85LHR Rim Exit, Aged Bronze, M85, Left Hand Reverse
996L-M-US26DAM-M83LHR Mortise Lock, Satin Chrome (Antimicrobial), M83, Left Hand Reverse
996L-M-US3-ME3LHR Mortise Lock, Bright Brass, ME3, Left Hand Reverse
996L-R-US26D-M61RHR Rim Exit, Satin Chrome, M61, Right Hand Reverse
996L-V-US32-M61LHR Vertical Rod, Polished Stainless Steel, M61, Left Hand Reverse
996L-V-US32D-M81LHR Vertical Rod, Stainless Steel Satin, M81, Left Hand Reverse
996L-V-US10-ME2LHR Vertical Rod, Satin Bronze, ME2, Left Hand Reverse
996L-V-US26-M57LHR Vertical Rod, Bright Chrome, M57, Left Hand Reverse
996L-R-SPBLK-M52LHR Rim Exit, Flat Black, M52, Left Hand Reverse
996L-V-643E-M61RHR Vertical Rod, Aged Bronze, M61, Right Hand Reverse
996L-M-US26D-M81RHR Mortise Lock, Satin Chrome, M81, Right Hand Reverse
996L-M-SPBLK-M52RHR Mortise Lock, Flat Black, M52, Right Hand Reverse
996L-R-SP313-M54RHR Rim Exit, Oxidized Satin Bronze, M54, Right Hand Reverse
996L-R-US3-ME2LHR Rim Exit, Bright Brass, ME2, Left Hand Reverse

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