Reduced price! Von Duprin 98/9950 Wood Door Concealed Vertical Cable Device

Von Duprin

Von Duprin 98/9950 Wood Door Concealed Vertical Cable Device


Details: Von Duprin 98/9950 Wood Door Concealed Vertical Cable Device

Wood Door Concealed Vertical Cable Device Series 99/9850.

  • Device Functions Include, Exit Only, Dummy Trim, Night Latch-Key-Retract, Night Latch Optional Pull, Thumb Piece, Knob, Lever-06 Standard.
  • Listed for door thickness of 1'3/4"(standard), 2', 2'1/4" Wood & Metal doors.
  • Listed for door length 2'(2' device for 2'door), 3' (3' Device for 2'4" -3' door) 4'(4' device for 2'10" -4' door).
  • Concealed Vertical Rod Devices are furnished at prices listed for door heights 6'8" to 8'4" on touch bar devices and up to 8'0" on crossbar devices.
  • Includes 249 and 349 Strikes, Sex Bolts and 8" Scalp Plates.
  • Device finish: US26D (Satin Chrome), US28 (Anodized Aluminum), US32D (Satin Stainless Steel), 313 (Duranodic Dark Bronze), US10 (Satin Bronze), US4 (Satin Brass), US3 (Bright Brass), US15 (Satin Nickel), US26 (Polished Chrome), 315 (Black).

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device Adjustment

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
9850WDCEO-US28-3 3', Exit Only, Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
9850WDCL-BE-US10-2 Lever - Blank Escutcheon, Bronze, Satin, 2'
9850WDC-K-US28-2 Knob, Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized, 2'
9850WDC-KDT-US3-3 Bright Brass, 3', Knob, Rigid - Dummy Trim
9850WDCLDT-US10-2 Bronze, Satin, Lever, Rigid - Dummy Trim, 2'
9850WDC-K-BE-US28-2 Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized, 2', Knob - Blank Escutcheon
9850WDCTP-US28-4 4', Thumbpiece, Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
9850WDC-KDT-US26-4 Bright Chrome, 4', Knob, Rigid - Dummy Trim
9850WDCLNL-US10-2 Bronze, Satin, 2', Lever, Rigid - Night Latch
9850WDCDT-US28-3 3', Dummy Trim, Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
9850WDCNL-US28-3 3', Night Latch, Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
9850WDC-KNL-US26-4 Bright Chrome, 4', Knob, Rigid - Night Latch
9850WDCEO-US4-2 Satin Brass, Exit Only, 2'
9850WDC-K-643E-3 3', Aged Bronze, Knob
9850WDCDT-US4-2 Satin Brass, Dummy Trim, 2'

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