WD-40 100581 3-In-One Pro 11OZ Garage Door Lube



Details: WD-40 100581 3-In-One Pro 11OZ Garage Door Lube

Product Details:
  • 3-IN-ONE Professional Garage Door Lubricant 11 oz. Can
  • Use this high-performance lubricant to help maintain the operation of garage doors.
  • Regular application to hinges, door tracks, chains, pulleys and latches prevents rusting, corrosion, sticking and squeaking.
  • Formula dries quickly and doesn't leave a messy residue.

WD-40 Company is a global marketing organization dedicated to producing high performance products in the cleaning, maintenance, and specialty markets. Whether for home or industrial use, WD-40 has been trusted for over 60 years to displace water, prevent rust, and act as a light lubricant. The San Diego California company perfected their water displacement formula after 40 attempts, hence the name WD-40. With the signature blue and yellow can in your arsenal, you can guarantee that your machines and tools will be clean and rust free.