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Securitron BPSS Boxed Power Supply - SolarSupply - Solar
Reduced price! Securitron BPSS Boxed Power Supply - SolarSupply - Solar


Securitron BPSS Boxed Power Supply - SolarSupply - Solar


Details: Securitron BPSS Boxed Power Supply - SolarSupply - Solar

Securitron Bpss Boxed Power Supply - Solar

Clean Power Meets Green Power With Securitron's Bpss Outdoor Solar Power Supply

The BPSS is the only out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for remote electric lock control where conventional power is impractical or not available. This complete solar power system powers most single-point access control device and fail secure lock (intermittent duty only) by producing sustainable solar and battery operated power. Select the BPSS-10 or BPSS-20 (10 or 20 charging Watts respectively), based on solar activity in the area/region where you’re installing.

Product Features

  • Works with most fail-secure electric locks
  • Works with most keypads or card readers
  • Available in 10W and 20W versions
  • Operates outdoors
  • 100% Solid State Solar Controller comes with anodized aluminum case and marine-rated terminals
  • Low voltagebatterymonitorprotects batteries from deep discharge
  • High-efficiencyphotovoltaicpanels use silicon nitride multicrystalline cells
  • Green charging LED indicator
  • Comes with mounting brackets for enclosure and solar panel
  • Approved for use in hazardous locations - Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Protected by SecuriCare 3-Year, No Fault Warranty

Product Options

  • Mounting brackets available for fence/pole mounting (to 3"diameter)
  • Wind kit available for high windareas

Enclosure Dimensions:

Outdoor (NEMA-3R)
12½" × 13⅝" × 4-7⁄16"
Standard Enclosure Brackets
Accommodates up to 2" diameter pole/post


Operating Temperature
-4 to +113F [-20 to +45C]
Maximum 125mA continuous, 450 mA maximum operating the locking device -intermittent duty only. Number of daily lock operations will vary due to solar activity and current draw
Output Voltage
14.4VDC max
Panel(s) Operating Temperature
-40 to +185F [-40 to +85C]
Shipping Weight
15lbs [6.8kg]

Solar Panels:

BPSS-10: 14½" × 12-3⁄16" × 11⁄16" / BPSS-20: 22" × 14-3⁄16" × 11⁄16"
Rated Power
BPSS-10: 10 Watts / BPSS-20: 20 Watts
Panel Weight
BPSS-10: 3.3lbs [1.5kg] / BPSS-20: 5.5lbs [2.5kg]