Alpine Industries ALP4450-KIT 29 Gallons Square Recycling Bin



Details: Alpine Industries ALP4450-KIT 29 Gallons Square Recycling Bin

Are you in the market for an efficient and eco-friendly solution to managing waste? Then look no further than our Square Recycling Bin. With a generous 29-gallon capacity, this bin is perfect for use in any environment — from homes to offices, schools, and more. It can handle high-volume foot traffic and require less emptying from your maintenance staff. We've crafted our bins from durable powder-coated steel to ensure they're built to last, even with heavy use. Its included removable plastic liner will prevent leaks from seeping out and is a cinch to clean when needed. In addition, we have three color options, black, green, and blue, allowing you to design a streamlined color-coordinated waste disposal system. As an added benefit, the equipped feet are great for lifting the receptacles off the ground, so you can easily clean around them without worrying about a ring developing. To further simplify the waste disposal process, our Square Recycling Bin comes with identifying labels for cans/bottles, compost, trash, mixed, and recycling. This allows you to tailor your receptacles based on your needs. You can have a trash and recycling station as large or as small as needed and can completely customize it with the included stickers. Plus, our Square Recycling Bin Lids are sold separately in three styles, square, circular, and mixed, which is ideal for you to choose which is best based on the waste being disposed of. These lids enhance the appearance of your disposal system and keep your trash secure and protected. By providing options for proper disposal of compost, recycling, and trash, you're helping prevent it from ending up on the ground. Furthermore, you will be able to be an environmental ally by having a way for others to properly categorize their waste and ensure it goes to the appropriate disposal facility. Investing in our Square Recycling Bin is a smart choice for any environmentally conscious individual or business. Say goodbye to messy and disorganized waste disposal systems and hello to a clean and efficient approach. Our Square Recycling Bin is the premier solution for creating an eco-friendly home, office, or classroom.


  • Substantial: The 29-gallon capacity will require less emptying by your maintenance staff while holding more waste.
  • Leak-Free: Its included liner prevents seepage from occurring and helps confine unsightly garbage and smells.
  • Efficient: The affixed feet elevate the bin, facilitating easy cleaning around it without leaving behind any unsightly rings.
  • Included: With each purchase you will receive a pack of 5 stickers to customize your can(s) with.
  • Lid Options: Our lids are sold separately but are offered in three opening variations: square, mixed, and circular, to suit your specific waste disposal needs.
  • Color Options: Our bins are available in blue, green or black; ideal for creating a streamlined waste disposal station.
  • Space-Saving: Its compact shape fits seamlessly into any environment while still providing amble capacity for high volume foot traffic.
  • Customizable: You can make a trash and recycling station utilizing our bins, as large or small as needed and design it with our color, lid, and sticker options.


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use


Net Weight
34.06 lb
Net Dimensions
30" H × 16.93" W × 16.93" D
Cans/Bottles, Trash, Compost, Mixed, Recycling
Insert Dimensions
15.748" × 15.748" × 27.165"