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INOX BD Series Barn Door Privacy Lock, EC1314 60mm Square Trim



Details: INOX BD Series Barn Door Privacy Lock, EC1314 60mm Square Trim

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Barn doors combine Old World charm with modern spatial efficiency, and now you can add a privacy function to keep pesky interlopers out and peaceful solitude in.

Introducing the INOX™ BD4000 Privacy Lock for Barn Doors (Patent Pending) - including ADA Options!

INOX™ offers a simple yet elegant privacy lock for residential, hospitality, or commercial applications. Installed inside the jamb, rather than the traditional "lock in the door," the bolt slides securely into the barn door's discrete strike. A variety of beautifully designed thumbturns, including ADA-compatible options, meet your privacy needs while enhancing your décor. A release button with decorative cap is installed on the outside of the door for emergency access.


  • Concealed lock bolt inside jamb
  • 2 backset, 3 rose & t-turn options
  • Spring-loaded dust-proof strike
  • Minimalist emergency release
  • 6 designer finishes

A barn door gifts your home or establishment with added beauty and functionality, and now it can provide privacy as well. INOX™ truly is Engineered Beautifully.™

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
EC1314-BD4214-10B 2-1/4", Oxidized Satin Bronze
EC1314-BD4214-19G 2-1/4", Graphite Black
EC1314-BD4214-26D 2-1/4", Satin Chrome
EC1314-BD4214-32 2-1/4", Polished Stainless Steel
EC1314-BD4214-32D 2-1/4", Satin Nickel
EC1314-BD4214-4 2-1/4", Satin Brass
EC1314-BD4312-10B 3-1/2", Oxidized Satin Bronze
EC1314-BD4312-19G 3-1/2", Graphite Black
EC1314-BD4312-26D 3-1/2", Satin Chrome
EC1314-BD4312-32 3-1/2", Polished Stainless Steel
EC1314-BD4312-32D 3-1/2", Satin Nickel
EC1314-BD4312-4 3-1/2", Satin Brass