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Inox Unison

INOX PHIX330 Ladder ADA Interior/Exterior Surface Pulls



Details: INOX PHIX330 Ladder ADA Interior/Exterior Surface Pulls

Ladder Profile Optimized for all ADA application styles.


8" × 2-9/16" (203mm × 65mm)
7/8" (22mm)
Center to Center
5-1/2" (440mm)
Post Angle
45 degrees
Fixing Options
Bolt-Thru (BT) and Back-to-Back (BTB)
Stainless Steel
Standard Finishes
32D, 32, CGY, CDB, C19G, C19


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-PVD4 Satin Brass PVD, Back To Back
PHIX330.512.8 BT-32D Satin Stainless Steel, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-26D Satin Chrome, Back To Back
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-CGY Stormy Grey, Back To Back
PHIX330.512.8 BT-32 Polished Stainless Steel, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BT-19G Graphite Black, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-CDB Dark Bronze, Back To Back
PHIX330.512.8 BT-PVD4 Satin Brass PVD, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-C19G Back To Back, Ceramic Graphite Black
PHIX330.512.8 BTB-C19 Back To Back, Ceramic Flat Black
PHIX330.512.8 BT-26D Satin Chrome, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BT-CGY Stormy Grey, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BT-CDB Dark Bronze, Bolt Thru
PHIX330.512.8 BT-C19G Bolt Thru, Ceramic Graphite Black
PHIX330.512.8 BT-C19 Bolt Thru, Ceramic Flat Black

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