Larson Security 459 Platinum Collection Interchangeable Full Glass Storm Door



Details: Larson Security 459 Platinum Collection Interchangeable Full Glass Storm Door

The Platinum IFG is the ultimate full glass storm door with added safety lock, better operation, a modern look and an installation that takes only a few minutes, not hours. The interchangeable full screen allows fresh air in seasonally. Handcrafted to enhance your entrance's architecture and let the most light into your home, the sleek, modern design is both innovative and attractive. The vault-like, multi-point locking system secures the door in three places, providing peace of mind. This pre-assembled door with maintenance-free aluminum frame and triple weatherstrip seals out harsh weather.


  • Swap glass with the full screen for seasonal ventilation. Simply remove retainers, remove glass, place screen and insert retainers.
  • Interchangeable full screen includes anti-bow clips to help hold the screen securely in place.
  • The built-in closer is hidden to provide a clean look inside your home. ClickandHold™ technology holds the door open when needed.
  • Pre-assembled in frame for effortless surface mount installation in minutes; place on opening, insert pre-attached screws provided.
  • The vault-like, multi-point locking system secures the door to the frame at three points, providing ultimate security and protection.
  • Handle set is predrilled and hinges are pre-assembled; pick left or right as viewed from outside before adding to your cart.
  • Triple weatherstrip surrounds the door and frame for a perfect, seamless seal.
  • Pre-assembled screw covers snap tight to provide a full, finished look
  • Choose the QuickFit™ handleset that best complements your home.

Built-in Hidden Closer

  • Sleek built-in hidden closer with Click&Hold™ that keeps the door open.

Multi-point locking system

  • Multi-point locking system secures door in three places for ultimate protection.

Easy to Install

  • No experience necessary when installing the Platinum Collection. Pre-assembled for effortless installation. Out of box and on your home in minutes!

Energy Efficient: Low-E

  • Our high performance Low-E glass option will help reduce your household energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. Low-E glass reduces the amount of UV light that enters your home and protects your entry from fading.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
459FV-32-81W-202989573P-RH Clear, 81"x32", Woodland, Straight, Aged Bronze, 3 Pack, Right Hand
459FV-36-81B-202989533P-RH Clear, 81"x36", Black, Straight, Matte Black, 3 Pack, Right Hand
459FV-36-81B-202978203P-LH Clear, 81"x36", Black, Curved, Antique Brass, 3 Pack, Left Hand
459FV-32-81WL-2029787S-RH Clear, 81"x32", White Linen, Curved, Brass, Single, Right Hand
459FV-36-81WL-202989573P-LH Clear, 81"x36", White Linen, Straight, Aged Bronze, 3 Pack, Left Hand
459FV-32-81PS-20298957S-LH Clear, 81"x32", Pebblestone, Straight, Aged Bronze, Single, Left Hand
459FVE-32-81WL-202989573P-RH Low-E, 81"x32", White Linen, Straight, Aged Bronze, 3 Pack, Right Hand
459FVE-36-81B-2029789S-RH Low-E, 81"x36", Black, Curved, Sandstone, Single, Right Hand
459FV-32-81PS-20297820S-RH Clear, 81"x32", Pebblestone, Curved, Antique Brass, Single, Right Hand
459FV-36-81G-20297820S-LH Clear, 81"x36", Graphite, Curved, Antique Brass, Single, Left Hand
459FV-36-81PS-20298953S-LH Clear, 81"x36", Pebblestone, Straight, Matte Black, Single, Left Hand
459FVE-32-81PS-20298917S-RH Low-E, 81"x32", Pebblestone, Straight, Brushed Nickel, Single, Right Hand
459FVE-36-81PS-202978573P-RH Low-E, 81"x36", Pebblestone, Curved, Aged Bronze, 3 Pack, Right Hand
459FVE-36-81W-2029789S-RH Low-E, 81"x36", Woodland, Curved, Sandstone, Single, Right Hand
459FVE-32-81WL-202978573P-LH Low-E, 81"x32", White Linen, Curved, Aged Bronze, 3 Pack, Left Hand

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