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MS Sedco

MS Sedco Door Safety Decals



Details: MS Sedco Door Safety Decals

Self-sticking, exterior grade decals meet the requirements of ANSI A156.10 & A156.19. Two sided decals are depicted with opposite side partially shown.


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
MSS-2-YL Caution - Automatic Door, Yellow
MSS-2-BL Caution - Automatic Door, Blue
MSS-2-WH Caution - Automatic Door, White
MSS-2-GR Caution - Automatic Door, Green
MSS-2-RD Caution - Automatic Door, Red
MSS-3-YL Automatic Door - Keep Moving, Yellow
MSS-3-BL Automatic Door - Keep Moving, Blue
MSS-3-WH Automatic Door - Keep Moving, White
MSS-3-GR Automatic Door - Keep Moving, Green
MSS-3-RD Automatic Door - Keep Moving, Red
MSS-4-YL Do Not Enter, Yellow
MSS-4-BL Do Not Enter, Blue
MSS-4-WH Do Not Enter, White
MSS-4-GR Do Not Enter, Green
MSS-4-RD Do Not Enter, Red

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