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Details: Norton 7700 Power Track

The Power Track® Series combines the function of a single-point electromechanical door holder with the proven reliability of a standard 7700 Series door closer. The track assembly contains an arm slide and solenoid operated hold open mechanism and is available with or without an integral smoke detector. Shipped with a track only, the closer is mounted on the door; the track and hook-up box are mounted to the frame face or frame soffit depending on the installation requirements. The degree of door hold open is selected by adjustment of the telescoping arm. Any power interruption will release the arm slide and the door will close. The door can be manually released at any time.


  • Selective single-point, electromechanical closer/holder
  • Track mounting; push or pull side installation
  • Non-handed (except "DE" Double Egress arms)
  • 24VAC/DC or 120VAC voltage
  • Spring size 5
  • Master (PTDO) or Support (PTO) units
  • Spring cushioned dead stop

Smoke Detectors Features

  • Photoelectric Sensing - detector employs a photoelectric chamber to substantially reduce the probability of false alarms.
  • Fire/Smoke Control Circuit - interprets the alarm signal from the detector and provides switching contacts to interrupt power to the hold open solenoid and divert it to activate optional audio/visual alarms.
  • Alarm (Relay) Contacts - normally open in standby condition (energized, non-alarm state). These contacts close during an alarm condition (smoke detected) and switch power from the solenoid to an optional local alarm.
  • Trouble (Relay) Contacts - normally closed in standby condition, these supervisory contacts monitor the continuity of power within the detector circuit. Any power interruption within the detector circuit will open these contacts. They can then be used to simultaneously indicate a trouble condition to the alarm panel on a separate trouble circuit.
  • Quick Disconnect Modules - each component, solenoid coil, detector and control feature quick disconnect wiring for easy servicing and replacement.
  • Locked-In Alarm - when a unit alarms, it must be manually reset. This can be accomplished by remote control from the alarm console or by the reset button in the smoke detector. Reset button is accessible through the center louver in the underside of the track. Reset by rotating LED chamber using small flat blade screwdriver.
  • Indicator Lights: Normal Mode: red LED flashes once every eight (8) seconds, Clean Mode: red LED flashes once every second, Alarm Mode: red LED illuminates continuously

Master Unit

  • Unit comprised of integral smoke detector and solenoid hold open mechanism in the slide track, a hook-up box and door closer.
  • Can be used to control a single door or a pair of doors in conjunction with a 24VDC Support Unit.
  • Suffix "PTDO" to model number

Support Unit

  • Unit is comprised of a solenoid hold open mechanism in the slide track, hook-up box and a door closer.
  • Units can be installed on a single door or a pair of doors when controlled by compatible UL listed detection equipment such as area ceiling detectors, pull stations, and remote alarm panels.
  • A 24VDC Support Unit can also serve as a slave unit when used on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. The active leaf of the pair of doors must be controlled by a Master Unit.
  • Suffix "PTO" to model number