Rixson 900 Armature Extensions



Details: Rixson 900 Armature Extensions

Electromagnetic Door Holder/releases

Rixson Part 900-Spacer Armature Extensions

General Information

Electromagnetic door holder/releases are designed for virtually any remote door release applications. They must be used in conjunction with closing devices.

Fire/smoke barrier doors
Door releases when tripped by an alarm or smoke detector
Private offices
Door releases when triggered by a remote switch
  • All devices come with a wall/floor portion and a door portion (armature
  • Circuit normally closed
  • Door portions have screws and plates to accommodate surface and concealed mounting

Armature Extensions

900 base has a minimum: 1-1/2" (38mm) extension. Maximum: 10" using combination of spacers [1/2" (13mm), 3/4" (19mm), etc.] Longer armature projections may encourage abuse and/or the weight of the extended rods will pull off the face of the door

Operation Narrative

Doors are to be normally held open. The electromagnetic door releases will be energized with the voltage shown (at right) in the hardware set for this opening. Power shall be controlled by the fire control system. It will interrupt the power if alarmed, causing the doors to be released, thus allowing the door closers to close the doors. When power is restored the magnets will re-energize, permitting the doors to be manually returned to their held open position.

Rixson Part 900-SPACER

1/2" Spacer - Requires Model 900 Base Unit (2" Total Extension)
3/4" Spacer - Requires Model 900 Base Unit (2¼" Total Extension)
1" Spacer - Requires Model 900 Base Unit (2½" Total Extension)