SDC 1510 Series Electromagnetic Door Lock


Details: SDC 1510 Series Electromagnetic Door Lock

ANSI Grade 1 Modular Magnetic Lock, 1650 lbs Holding Force. Field upgradeable outputs and servicing without removing from the door frame.


  • SDC EMLock® Magnetic Lock, Surface Mount, Single, 1650lbs, 12/24VDC


  • SDC EMLock® Electromagnetic Lock, Surface Mount, Double, 1650lbs, 12/24VDC.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
1511V Single EmLock, Aluminum, Not Included
1511VD Single EmLock, Aluminum, Included
1511X Dark Bronze, Single EmLock, Not Included
1511XD Dark Bronze, Single EmLock, Included
1512V Double EmLock, Aluminum, Not Included
1512VD Double EmLock, Aluminum, Included
1512X Dark Bronze, Double EmLock, Not Included
1512XD Dark Bronze, Double EmLock, Included