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Von Duprin 88 Rim Device




Details: Von Duprin 88 Rim Device

Rim Device Series 88.

  • Device Functions Include, Exit Only, Dummy Trim, Night Latch-Key-Retract, Thumb Piece, Knob, Lever-06 Standard.
  • Listed for door thickness of 1'3/4"(standard), 2', 2'1/4" Wood & Metal doors.
  • Includes 299 Strikes.
  • Cylinders and sex bolts are not included.
  • Device finish: US26D (Satin Chrome), US10B(Satin Bronze Oil-Rubbed), US10(Satin Bronze), US4(Satin Brass), US3(Bright Brass), US26(Polished Chrome), SPBLK(Black).

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
88-K-US3 Bright Brass, Knob
88-K-BE-US3 Bright Brass, Knob - Blank Escutcheon
88-K-US15 Satin Nickel, Knob
88-K-BE-US15 Satin Nickel, Knob - Blank Escutcheon
88-K-US26 Bright Chrome, Knob
88-K-BE-US26 Bright Chrome, Knob - Blank Escutcheon
88EO-US26D Satin Chrome, Exit Only
88DT-US26D Satin Chrome, Dummy Trim
88NL-US26D Satin Chrome, Night Latch
88TP-US26D Satin Chrome, Thumb Piece
88TP-BE-US26D Satin Chrome, Turn Lever - Blank Escutcheon
88-KDT-US26D Satin Chrome, Knob, Rigid - Dummy Trim
88-KNL-US26D Satin Chrome, Knob, Rigid - Night Latch
88L-US26D Satin Chrome, Lever (Classroom)
88L-BE-US26D Satin Chrome, Lever - Blank Escutcheon

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